Why to use our service?

100% satisfaction

Our goal is to reach 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer for everyone simple and easy way to sell their mobile phones for a good price!

Fast payment

We will do the payment within 48h after evaluation has been completed by our experts. Usually payment is done on the same day when we test them and no later than 48h after testing. Payments are done on working days.

Cleaner nature

Mobile phone usage and sales are growing every year, and meanwhile is also increasing demand for used mobile phones. We think that reuse is the best option, and therefore we try to collect as many mobile phones as possible to make them reusable. In case if mobile phone cannot be used again, we will recycle it. Therefore, we encourage everyone to act responsibly when you want to get rid of the old cell phone or smartphone.

Data security

We know that data security is important for our clients. Therefore, we delete all data from smartphones and other devices. We are sure, that any risk of data leaking is liquidated, and therefore we can guarantee secure reusage of smartphones.

Ease and practicallity

We understand that your phone is not new anymore, but it has been used for some time. Therefore for any device valuation we have created 5 simple categories. Phone which is in good working condition; phone which is faulty, phone which has faulty display; phone which is in no power condition, and phone which is unfit for repair. In addition, if you wish you can keep your phone charger and memory card, because they do not influence the payable price. If phone has airtime service provided, then it does not influence the payable price.